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Basketball is a popular sport around the world. Playing basketball odds is a way to warm up love and passion for this sport. However, not everyone knows how to play basketball betting smartly and effectively. In this article, let’s learn about how to calculate odds with UDBET. Current basketball betting market, basketball betting strategies, and skills. Hot basketball matches and how to accurately evaluate bets.

Introduction to basketball betting

Introduction to basketball betting

Basketball betting is one of the most popular types of betting today. To participate in basketball betting, you need to have basic knowledge about basketball and know how to read the odds.

How to calculate basketball odds

Basketball betting odds are quite diverse and not the same for each bookmaker. However, to calculate basketball odds, you need to know the handicap and odds.

Handicap (Handicap)

A handicap is an imaginary score added to or subtracted from a team’s total score in a match. For example, if a match has a +7.5 handicap, it means that if you bet on the home team to win with a total handicap of 7.5 points added, then the home team must win by 8 points or more.

Odds (Odds)

Odds are the amount of money a player will win if the bet is successful. If the odds for the home team are 1.80, this means that if you bet $100 on the home team and the home team wins, you will receive $180.

Basketball betting market today

Currently, the basketball market is growing strongly and is loved by the majority of players. There are many bookmakers providing basketball betting services, including famous betting sites such as C54, W88, and UDBET. Each house will have its advantages and you need to be alert to choose the most suitable house for yourself.

Basketball betting strategies and skills

Basketball betting strategies and skills

To beat the house and win when playing basketball, you need to have some basic strategies and skills.

Basic skills of basketball

  • To play basketball odds effectively, you need to know basic basketball skills. These are the skills that any player needs to master:
  • Throwing the ball: This is the most basic skill of basketball. You need to know how to keep the ball upright on your palm. And use appropriate movements to throw the ball into the goal.
  • Dribble: Dribble is the practice of controlling the ball with your hands past opposing players. When dribbling, you need to keep the ball close to your body to avoid being stolen by the opponent.
  • Pass: Pass is the passing of the ball from one person to another. You need to know how to perform different types of passes. For example, chest pass, bounce pass, or overhead pass.
  • Rebound: Rebound is getting the ball back after someone else has thrown it into the goal. You need to stand in the right position and use your hands to retrieve the ball.
  • Defense: Defense is about preventing the opponent from scoring points. You need to know how to hit low, block the ball, or get the ball back when the opponent throws it.
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Basketball betting strategy

To win when playing basketball betting, you need to have some basic strategies. Below are popular strategies for basketball betting:

Zone defense

Zone defense is a popular defensive strategy in basketball. Players will divide the field into areas and prevent opponents from reaching their goal.

Fast breaks

Fast break is a strategy of attacking quickly after regaining the ball from the opponent. The player will quickly put the ball into the opponent’s net before the opponent can defend.

Pick and roll

Pick and roll is an attacking strategy in which a player helps the ball carrier by pushing the opponent out of the ball carrier’s path.

Hot matches about basketball

Hot matches about basketball

Basketball has many exciting matches and is loved by a large number of players. Below are matches that you should not miss when participating in basketball betting:

NBA Finals

The American professional basketball tournament always attracts the attention of millions of basketball fans around the world. The NBA Finals is considered the most important match of the entire season.

Olympic Basketball

Basketball is the official sport of the Olympics and always attracts the attention of millions of viewers around the world. The Olympic Basketball match is always very dramatic and is considered one of the most important basketball matches in the world.

Euro League Final Four

EuroLeague is a professional basketball tournament for European clubs, and the EuroLeague Final Four is the final match in this tournament. This match is always expected and attracts the attention of basketball fans around the world.

How to accurately evaluate basketball bets

To bet smartly and effectively when playing basketball betting. You need to know how to evaluate bets correctly. Here are some factors to consider:

Squad analysis

Lineup analysis is an important factor when evaluating basketball odds. You need to know about the quality of the players, their health, and their ability to perform in the match.

Data analysis

Data analysis is an important factor in evaluating basketball odds. You need to consider the team’s performance in recent matches and the current performance of the players.

Expert opinion

Expert opinion is an important factor in evaluating basketball bets. You need to learn the opinions of basketball experts, especially those with seniority and experience in this field.

Popular types of basketball bets

Basketball bets come in many different types, depending on the handicap and odds. Below are popular types of basketball bets:


Moneyline is the simplest type of basketball bet. You just need to bet on the winning team and receive a bonus if that team wins.

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Spread is the most popular type of basketball bet. Here, players will bet on the handicap score or over or under the handicap of the match.


Totals is a type of basketball bet based on the total score of both teams. The player will bet on the total score being greater or less than the predicted total score.


Hopefully, with this article, you have more knowledge about how to calculate basketball odds. Current basketball market and basketball betting strategies. Always be careful when participating in basketball betting to achieve the best results. Good luck!

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