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The total number of goals bet is one of the most popular popular types of bets today. To better understand how to play, as well as experience betting to always win,. We invite readers to refer to‘s analysis in the article below.

What is the total goals bet?

Is a type of bet that does not care about the win or loss results but is only based on the total number of goals scored in the actual sports match. The house relies on analysis of the strength and force correlation of each match to give a certain number for the match.

What is the total goals bet?

The player’s task is to predict the total number of goals that can be scored in the match. Then, choose the appropriate betting options to have a chance to win big and receive generous rewards.

Popular types of total goals bets

Bet on the total number of goals scored in the match

This is a simple form of betting among the types of bets the house offers today. You just need to predict the total number of goals that both teams will score in 90 minutes of official play. Note that this type of bet does not count extra time or overtime.

Popular types of total goals bets

Bet on total goals for the first half

This bet is similar to the calculation of the whole match bet. The only difference is that the specified time of the bet only counts the total number of goals scored in the first half. Injury time and if a goal is scored in the second half, it will not be counted and will not be used for the results. Final.

Total goals bet for 2nd half / extra time

With this type of total goals bet, when placing a bet, you only need to care about the result of the number of goals in the selected half. No need to care about the results in the first round, or the previous rounds.


To help you better understand this type of bet, bettors are invited to refer to the example illustrating how to calculate winnings and losses in detail below:

The match takes place between Barcelona and Sevilla, Players bet on the total goals of the first half at 1 1/5 (over/under bet 1.25 goals), with the over-team odds being 0.84 and the under-team odds being 0.96. If the bet amount is $100, there will be the following cases:

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The total goal result in the first half is 2 goals, you bet on the Over bet with the amount of: 100$ + (100$ x 0.84) = 184$, and the under bet player loses the entire bet amount of 100$ .

The final result of the first half with a total of only 1 goal from Barcelona and Sevilla, the over player gets half the money: 100$ + (100$ x 0.84)/2 = 142$. On the contrary, if you follow the under bet, you will lose half of the money by 50%.

In the first half there are no goals scored. Of course, if you enter the over bet, you lose the entire bet of $100. On the under side, you win the full amount: $100 + ($100 x 0.96) = $196.

Experience in playing effective total goals betting

Betting on the total number of goals is an easy type to play, but to be sure of winning is not a simple thing, requiring you to have experience and skills. Below are some great tips from betting experts that players should not ignore to increase their chances of making money from the house:

Experience in playing effective total goals betting

Choose teams with little difference and similar strength so that the number of goals is small. Easier to choose over/under, total goals.

Always understand the performance, strength, and history of encounters between the two teams to have an accurate assessment and choose the best bet.

If you choose matches with a big difference in style and strength, there will be many goals. Players consider choosing Over to increase their winnings.

Pay attention to the influence of the home field on the team’s performance. Because playing at home helps teams explode their strength, have good football matches, be confident, and have more opportunities to score goals.

Keep calm when betting, if in the first 15 minutes of the match suddenly the odds change with high reward rates. You should not deposit money because this is easily a trap for the house.

Above is all the important information about total goals betting and tips for playing the odds effectively. Don’t forget to visit Phlove to experience the top-class betting playground with attractive reward rates today. Wishing you all a great winning betting season and bringing home a generous amount of money!

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