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Chinese chess games online have been played for hundreds of years and today remain one of the most popular board games in the world, played in China and throughout Asia, and more recently, in the whole West. You can often find men playing Chinese chess games online UDBET in Chinatowns around the world.

How to play Chinese chess game online?

How to play Chinese chess game online?

The game Chinese chess game online is played on a board consisting of nine columns (files) and ten rows (ranks). Traditional pieces are wooden plates with red or black Chinese characters painted on them. The pieces are stacked on the vertices. See How to Play Chinese chess game online for detailed descriptions of each section and detailed rules on how to play the game on UDBET.

Play 2-player Chinese chess game online

Create a 2-player online Chinese Chess game or join games created by others. Players can choose different factions, game timers, increments, and move timers when creating new games. Untimed 2-player Chinese chess game is also supported on UDBET so players can enjoy free online Chinese chess games anytime, anywhere. After the match, players can improve their skills using the engine analysis feature to analyze and evaluate the game.

Play chess against the computer

Play chess against the computer

The Play Computer feature offers 5 difficulty levels to prepare players for multiplayer Chinese chess game online matches. The Level 1 Calculator is a good companion for chess beginners. Once players can beat the Level 1 Computer, they can challenge the next level and improve their skills to play chess against other more skilled players.

Play chess puzzles

Play online Chinese Chess puzzles on UDBET to improve your skills! We provide players with many free Chinese chess puzzles, allowing Chinese chess enthusiasts to enjoy the fun of playing Chinese chess and practice their strategies through puzzles. Additionally, players can design and name their own puzzles on UDBET using the Create Puzzle feature and share them with other players.

Play online chess tournament

UDBET organizes free online chess tournaments with the Swiss system every week. Click here to check them out and get involved!

Reviews and ratings

Reviews and ratings

After the player finishes the 2-player online Chinese chess game on UDBET, the player’s ranking will be adjusted according to the ELO ranking system. When a player’s ranking reaches the top 20 across the entire platform or in their country, he or she will be displayed on the global leaderboard or country leaderboard and become a star on UDBET.

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The international online Chinese chess community

UDBET’s mission is to promote Chinese chess, a cultural treasure with a long history, to people from all over the world, as well as provide a platform for Chinese Chess enthusiasts to learn ask, enjoy, and communicate with each other. UDBET is the only online Chinese chess platform that offers both web and app versions in Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English, and Vietnamese, allowing Chinese chess enthusiasts to from different countries enjoy the fun of playing Chinese Chess online without language barriers. Graphics are also available on UDBET to help those unfamiliar with Chinese learn chess.

Different devices, same fun

UDBET provides online Chinese Chess games in web versions for all devices. However, players using tablets or smartphones, they can also download our Chinese chess game online app from the Google Play Store or App Store for a better experience. All the features of the web version, including playing chess against the computer, multiplayer chess matches, endgame puzzles, etc., are available on the app.


In conclusion, online Chinese chess has transformed the game, making it more accessible and socially connected. This has increased its worldwide popularity, attracted new players, and revitalized interest. Online platforms have fostered new strategies and competitive play, elevating skill levels. The future of Chinese chess is bright, with online platforms crucial to its growth and popularity.

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