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Dragon tiger game is one of the favorite betting games at online casinos. The game has a large number of players, creating completely different experiences and high winning rates. Get ready to conquer the challenges and start betting at Jilimacao.

Fascinating Discovery with Dragon Tiger

Famous for its simplicity, ease of use, and strong betting odds, dragon tiger is an Asian classic card game. This game employs a 52-card deck split in two doors: Dragon and Tiger. Every door will deal one card, and the highest value card will prevail.

Fascinating Discovery with Dragon Tiger

Games’ Rules

  • Cards values: A > K > Q > J > 10 > 9 > 8 > 7 > 6 > 5 > 4 > 3 > 2.
  • Players that bet on the tie door will win should two cards have the same value.
  • Normally 1:1, the betting odds for Dragon and Tiger doors; the tie door is normally 1:8.

Easy Guide to Play Dragon Tiger Game

1: register an account at Jilimacao

To bet, players must open an account on the bookmaker’s website and deposit money into it.

Online connected gadget

Thanks to multi-platform support, players may play Dragon Tiger on a computer, phone, or tablet with a stable internet connection.

2: Get Started Playing

Open a web browser and visit the bookmaker’s official website to access jilimacao bookmaker.

Enter your account log-in here: Provide the player’s username and password in the login box on the homepage.

Choose the game. On the main menu bar, choose “casino” -> “card games.” Look for “dragon tiger game,” then click on it.

  • Choose a betting door: Choose betting chips and lay wagers on Tie, Tiger, or Dragon doors.
  • Deal cards: For every Dragon and Tiger door the dealer will deal one card.
  • Evaluate outcomes: From A to K, the card with highest value will triumph.
  • Should your wager on the winning door, the betting chances will determine your payouts.

Discover Techniques to Rule Dragon Tiger

A straightforward, interesting, luck-filled betting game is the dragon tiger game. But using these techniques will raise gamblers’ odds of winning:

Choose a credible bookmaker

Engaging in online betting requires this most of all. Under authorization from a recognized company, jilimacao is a top bookmaker in Asia that guarantees bettors a fair and safe betting environment.

Know the game’s regulations

Before engaging in any betting game, players must be aware of the rules, how to place bets, betting odds, and related restrictions. Knowing the regulations will enable players to make more wise bets.

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Good capital administration

Dragon Tiger Game is a game of chance devoid of any assurance of a 100% success. Sort your betting money sensibly and make good bets. Never stake all of your money on one hand. Rather, split the money among several wagers to reduce risk and boost chances of winning.

Use some useful techniques

Several techniques can enable players raise their odds of winning in the game:

  • Using past game performance as a guide, follow tendencies to project trends for the future one.
  • Double your betting capital for the next hand while you are winning. Still, this approach should only be used while you are in a good run.
  • When losing strategy, stop playing; take a pause to collect yourself and consider carefully before picking up once more consecutive losses.

Dynamic and beautiful betting for Dragon Tiger games excites promotions

Every day for players to fully enjoy gaming, the bookmaker jilimacao constantly changes hot promotional programs. Let’s investigate and register for games not to pass on beautiful bookmaker incentives!


Simple and interesting betting, dragon tiger games provide chances to win handsome profits and lively entertainment events. Don’t miss the chance to earn money rapidly at live casino Jilimacao. Come today to get a chance to win large prizes and enjoy highly demanding gaming.

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