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In Domino games, experienced and knowledgeable players will have a great chance of winning. By using the correct domino-playing strategy and catching opening opportunities as well as analyzing the opponent’s weaknesses, players can easily control the match. Let’s learn about How to always win when playing dominoes in the article below from UDBET.

How to always win when playing dominoes: Summary of effective basic strategies

How to always win when playing dominoes: Summary of effective basic strategies

In the game of dominoes, using reasonable and logical strategies can help players achieve effective results and win valuable rewards. Therefore, building a strategy before starting to play is extremely important and beneficial.

The How to Always Win Dominoes bookmaker Winbet shares below are not too complicated and are suitable for many different types of Domino games.

How to always win when playing dominoes: Play doubles early

In the game of dominoes, double tiles do not have a major impact on the turn. Because these cells retain their value and do not affect the next turn. For example, if one player places a double domino on box 5. The other player still needs another Domino 5 to connect.

Furthermore, double dominoes are usually worth more. So if you don’t use them early, they can become a plus for your opponent when they win.

How to always win when playing dominoes: Use the doubling strategy

How to always win when playing dominoes: Use the doubling strategy

This way of playing dominoes is different from other basic strategies. However, if the player can take the risk, keeping the double dominoes for later use can be very useful.

Especially, if the player is experienced and detects the opponent’s weaknesses. They can quickly recognize which dominoes their opponents are missing. When a player owns the double dominoes that the opponent needs. They can use them to control their opponents. Makes the opponent unable to play any more dominoes. This will be extremely effective, especially when the domino game is nearing its end.

How to always win when playing dominoes: Prioritize playing first on the boxes with higher scores

In the game of dominoes, playing the boxes with high scores and lots of dots early is an important strategy. This is especially true for cells with a high number of dots. Because when the player wins in this case, the opponent will be deducted a larger number of points. Therefore, using this strategy can help players take the opportunity to defeat their opponents and increase their scores.

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However, careful consideration must be given when using this strategy. Especially in the late stages of the game. In cases where it is impossible to be sure of winning. Players should avoid keeping valuable dominoes. To not create opportunities for opponents to get bonus points easily. If the player keeps too many high-value pieces, and the opponent plays all the low-value pieces. That could be an opportunity for your opponent to win bonus points. Which they cannot have if the player has previously removed valuable pieces.

How to always win when playing dominoes: You should keep pieces of different value

How to always win when playing dominoes: You should keep pieces of different value

To be able to create many large number combinations, players need to keep a series of dominoes in hand. This is an extremely effective domino-playing strategy that players should not ignore. If a player owns too many dominoes of the same value. All of them are available on the board, they can easily get stuck.

If players do not have enough variety in their possession of dominoes. This can be a weakness that opponents can detect. The opponent can take advantage of this to prevent the player from moving or playing the next card’s next turn.

Pay attention to your opponent’s weaknesses

When the domino game begins, players need to pay attention to their opponent’s weaknesses. If the player finds that the opponent cannot continue playing and must withdraw the piece from the boneyard. There is a high possibility that the piece has appeared before on the board. Using this opportunity, players can apply a more effective playing strategy to hinder their opponents when they play new pieces.

Players need to concentrate and carefully observe their opponent’s shots. Grasping your opponent’s weaknesses is an important task. Instead of focusing too much on your dominoes. Players should also not underestimate and neglect their opponents’ dominoes.

The strategy of playing goes against the opponent’s turn

To have How to always win when playing dominoes, players can build a strategy to play against their opponent’s turn. Based on the dominoes that have been played and the dominoes that are held in hand.

In the early stages, when there aren’t many dominoes displayed yet. Implementing this strategy can be difficult. However, once there are many dominoes identified, it will be easier for the player to build this strategy. Players need to recognize the dominoes that their opponents are holding. Then play the appropriate pieces to hinder your opponent. This leaves the opponent standing still and unable to play any more pieces.

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With experience playing dominoes and applying appropriate strategies. Players can achieve success in their domino game.

Defensive strategy at the end of the game

During the late stages of a domino game, players should switch to a defensive strategy to maintain their lead. Increase points quickly. This is how to play dominoes effectively in the sprint. This requires players to carefully monitor their opponent’s pieces. Learn how your opponents play in different situations.

During the gameplay, players should also try advanced plays. To see how opponents react to those plays. This helps players understand the strategy and experience of playing dominoes to apply in case of need.

While entering the late game, players need to carefully consider each move. Choose the optimal way to play to ensure victory or maintain the lead.


How to always win when playing dominoes requires players to build extremely effective and accurate playing strategies. With the tips that bookmaker Winbet has shared. Hopefully, players can grasp how to play dominoes. Wishing you many victories and exciting experiences when playing dominoes!

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