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Having followed football for a long time, enthusiasts cannot miss the Italian football tournament, because this is also one of the international tournaments that is often opened for betting by the prestigious bookmaker UDBET. So if you want to profit from soccer betting, you must be familiar with information related to this type of tournament.

What is the Italian Football League?

What is the Italian Football League?

An extremely important information that not all sports enthusiasts know is that the Italian football tournament, also known as Serie A, is one of the most memorable tournaments in the world. most proud of this country. Not only does it organize tournaments for regular teams, but this tournament aims to allow clubs at the club level to register for competitions.

Thanks to the large scale of the organization, there are more than 38 matches, divided into two rounds of 19 matches for the first leg and 19 matches for the return leg, in the first leg will be played at the home team, and in the return leg will be played at the home team. represents the away team. The competition rules include standard international football rules such as positional position, substitution rules, and other rules set by the Italian football federation, also based on international football rules.

Special points in Serie A

Allows players the flexibility to participate in different teams, as long as they are with the same club, not necessarily participating for their own country. This is a tournament with a long history no less than major tournaments such as the World Cup, which was founded in 1898.

Almost every team participating in the Serie tournament has had certain success in other famous European tournaments or European continental tournaments. They even achieved high positions many times, proving that their presence in the exam season was to confirm their position, not simply to compete.

Important information about the Serie A tournament

Important information about the Serie A tournament

Having information about the Italian football tournament makes it easier for bettors to predict their investment goals. For example, how many rounds must the participating teams go through, how many rounds are there in total in a season, and most of all which teams are holding the advantage in this tournament?

Seria has 38 rounds – 19 away and 19 back

Players always ask questions like Serie A – how many rounds does the Italian football tournament have, because usually a season lasts quite a long time, and players watch a lot of Serie A matches and don’t. know when it ends. Therefore, today UDBET, together with its team of football experts, will provide players with the most accurate information.

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The Serie A tournament organizes up to 38 rounds and the reason they do this is because each year there will be a region in their country hosting, and when hosting, it will officially be the home team, each year. The participating team will play against at least one team or more and usually will play against two teams, the reason there is a case of one team is because during the round sometimes a team cancels or forfeits the right to compete.

In the first 19 matches, the competing team will play away from home and in the following 19 matches it will be reversed, but instead of away, the teams will play at home. This is to ensure that the playing teams will all have the same advantages in environment, geography familiarity, etc.

The winning teams of the Italian football championship

  • Most of the brothers present here have an eternal passion for football betting, and to be able to bet on the right box and make their investment profitable, players need to know the teams that are trusted. highly rated and capable of winning many Italian football tournaments.
  • The information has been compiled extremely carefully before being delivered to players, shared by experts who have followed football for a long time:
  • The eternal king of Serie A – Italian football has always called Juventus for many years
  • AC Milan – The assassin from Milan has repeatedly made many teams miserable
  • AS Roma: AS Roma is one of the strong teams in Serie A, possessing an extremely strong fan base.
  • SSC Napoli: Napoli is a team that has had many great achievements in the UEFA Champions League.


The Italian Football Championship is currently one of the tournaments that receives a lot of attention from football fans, the appearance of the world’s top players has attracted millions of views. This is not an easy success for a tournament, and this is happening in Serie A.

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