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In the sport of soccer, the playing lineup is not always the same. Because there are unexpected situations that happen while the match is going on. This could be due to physical breakdown, injury, or even ineffective tactics. Therefore, to ensure fairness and the ability to change tactics during the match. Substitution rules in soccer have been established. And comply with the standards of the International Football Federation (FIFA). Let’s find out with phjoy ph below.

Substitution rules in soccer with a squad of 11 people

Number of players replaced

According to the old regulations of the International Football Federation (FIFA). In each match, the maximum number of substitute players is 3 people. However, according to the latest information from FIFA. There has been an adjustment to substitutions in professional football matches. Reputable betting websites such as UDBET have reported that currently, the number of players to be substituted in a professional football match will be determined as follows:

Each team will be allowed to substitute a maximum of 5 players during the 90 minutes of play. However, the number of these changes will not exceed 3 times.

If the match has extra time, teams will be allowed to make additional substitutions if they have not used up all the substitutions in the two official halves.

This means teams will have more opportunities to change players during the match. Help them adjust their formation and tactics to suit the situation on the field. This will also create more exciting matches when teams can change players. To increase strength and create surprises for opponents.

Regulations on substituted and substitute players

If a substitute or substitute wants to leave the field or enter the field of play, it is important to have the referee’s approval. Otherwise, that player will be forced to leave the field immediately. This is to ensure fairness and order in the match.

If the player violates this regulation, the referee will punish the team by awarding the opponent a direct free kick. This can affect the outcome of the match and sometimes even cause arguments between teams.

Another important thing to note is that substitute players are only allowed to enter the field when the substitute player has left the field. This helps ensure professionalism and avoid situations that occur during the match.

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Additionally, if a goal is scored by a player who has not been approved by the referee, the goal will not be awarded. This is to ensure fairness and avoid controversy over the result of the match.

Regulations for outsiders

In a football match, there are many people considered outsiders such as the coaching staff, reserve players, and team officials. These people do not participate directly in the match but still have an important role in supporting and maintaining favorable conditions for their team.

Pause the match

During matches, these people must also follow strict regulations. To ensure fairness and safety for the match. First, they are not allowed to enter the field while the match is in progress. If they want to enter the field, they need permission from the referee. The referee will temporarily stop the match. And security forces can be asked to intervene if any violations occur.

Back to the match

Additionally, in case a player is injured or needs to change clothes due to some problem. They also have to leave the field. Before they are allowed back on the field, they need to get permission from the referee. This helps ensure that players only return to the field when ready. And it doesn’t affect the game.

The roles of the coaching staff, reserve players, and team officials are very important in every football match. They need to comply with these regulations to ensure fairness. And safe for all players and match attendees. Only if everyone complies with these regulations. The new match can take place smoothly and achieve the best results.

Substitution rules at friendly soccer matches

For football lovers, following betting predictions on websites like UDBET is an indispensable hobby. However, in addition to official matches, there are also friendly matches organized so that teams can practice and prepare for upcoming tournaments.

According to FIFA regulations

In friendly matches, each team is allowed to change a maximum of 6 players. However, this can only be done with the consent of the referee. This is to ensure fairness and avoid too sudden changes that affect the outcome of the match.

In addition, according to the substitution rules of friendly football, players also have the right to refuse to participate in the match if they feel they are not mentally or physically fit to play. This helps protect the health and safety of players.

Trespassing into the playing area during the match

This is considered a very serious offense and will result in heavy fines. In this case, the referee has the right to pause the match to disqualify the match. Or warn the player who caused this error. If the foul occurs in your team’s penalty area. The opponent will be awarded a penalty kick.

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Finally, if during the competition there is intervention from bystanders. If someone on the outside tries to score a goal, then that goal will not be recognized. This is to ensure fairness. And avoid cheating situations in the match.

Therefore, understanding the substitution rules in friendly matches is very important for football fans. This helps them to more accurately monitor and evaluate their favorite matches and players.


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