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Basketball betting odds are just as popular as soccer. 50JiLI will introduce the forms of basketball betting and the popular basketball odds.

Introduction to Basketball Odds

While soccer is often regarded as the king of sports, basketball leagues also attract a significant amount of interest and attention. The NBA, a long-established entertainment sport, offers excitement and intensity comparable to that of soccer.

Basketball Odds

With two basketball teams competing, bettors will need to analyze and consider their bets just as they would with soccer odds. The bookmaker will update information related to the teams as well as the betting odds for players to choose from.

Common Basketball Odds

Handicap Odds

Handicap basketball odds are where the stronger team gives a certain point advantage to the weaker team, as determined by the bookmaker. This type of basketball bet is considered to accurately reflect the current performance of the teams.

Handicap Odds

Over/Under Odds

Known as O/U betting, similar to football betting, in basketball, the bookmaker will set a specific number of points, called Y. Players predict whether the final score will be over, under, or exactly Y. The terms ‘over’ and ‘under’ are equivalent to ‘Tài’ and ‘Xỉu’ in Vietnamese. If the score equals the set number, the bet is refunded.

Live Betting

Live betting involves predicting even or odd total points, or whether the game score will be over or under a certain number, depending on the bettor’s choice. Bettors need sharp observation skills to accurately predict the basketball score.

Parlay Betting

In basketball, parlay betting involves predicting the outcomes of multiple games with a high chance of winning. Confident in their selections, bettors can increase their potential winnings. To win, players must correctly predict all the outcomes in the parlay. Experienced bettors often consider parlay betting risky for beginners without enough experience. It requires a good bankroll due to the number of bets involved.

The Latest Basketball Odds for 2024

Tips for Parlay Betting

One tip is to bet on the home team, as home teams generally have higher confidence and advantage over away teams.

The experts at 50 JILI have provided interesting and useful insights into basketball betting. We hope this information helps players understand how to use NBA betting odds effectively.

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