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What position is RB and how to play football in the match are questions of many people who are new to football. To help players and viewers overcome this problem, UDBET will introduce everything about the RB position. Furthermore, you will also learn more about the famous RBs in the king sport.

Overview of the RB position in football

Overview of the RB position in football

The classic positions in football have been divided into many different positions with more diverse tasks. When each player does his or her job well and connects with other positions on the field, it will help increase morale and the ability to win for the whole team. So what position is RB that receives the attention of so many fans?

RB is the abbreviation for the word “right back” in English. This is a phrase often used by experts to refer to the right-back position in football. This is an indispensable position in every team’s pre-match registration list. They both have a key role in preventing the opponent’s attacks and are also a wing drill to support quick attack situations.

How do RBs perform on the field?

How do RBs perform on the field?

Each player on the field receives different tasks with the common goal of operating the coach’s tactics as smoothly as possible to win. If you already know what RB position is, let’s see how this player will play and what his main task is on the field!

The biggest task is to defend against all attacks

Depending on each coach’s strategy, the players arrange different attack situations. Facing the opponent’s attacking players, all positions in football must work seriously. And right-backs are no exception. They must study their opponents and read situations extremely quickly to catch cards and prevent any threats to their team’s goal.

The right full-back will ensure the safety of the right-wing area while supporting the center area. Surely they must understand very clearly what position RB is to be able to operate according to the coach’s wishes. If a loss occurs, in addition to the excellence of your team’s players, there is a great possibility that it comes from RB’s mistake.

Get rid of pressing and attack high 

In addition to the main responsibility of defending, players playing in the RB position also often participate in the attack. Because when winning the ball from opposing strikers, the defender will have to kick the ball to the front line. Overlapping phases and hitting and releasing combinations are common techniques of RBs to bring the ball to the highest level.

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The opponent’s high-pressing situations can make it difficult for your team to deploy the ball. At this time, the right-backs need to move flexibly and coordinately to escape pressing. If you follow football regularly, you have certainly seen many times extremely beautiful goals coming from the position of defenders.

Participate in fixed situations

In most deadball situations, the full-backs and RBs are also involved in set-piece situations either directly or indirectly. It is not difficult for you to see RBs taking direct free kicks, corner kicks, or participating in coordinated free kicks and headers to score goals. Ultimately, defenders must also focus on unexpected situations in the match to handle them most skillfully.

Attendance list of outstanding RBs in football

Attendance list of outstanding RBs in football

First of all, Kyle Walker, an RB of Man Green, contributes to the team’s achievements in many arenas from the Premier League to the Champion League, and FA Cup… Walker always knows how to tell Pep what position RB is. He increasingly proves his excellent defensive ability and good physical strength in every match.

In addition, Benjamin Pavard is also a notable name when talking about the right-back position. This player is highly appreciated for participating in France’s goals at the 2018 World Cup. In particular, Pavard also owns the most beautiful goal with a volley against Argentina in the knockout match.

Joao Cancelo’s training is extremely impressive. That’s why this Portuguese player left his mark on many goals with tricky moves and precise assists. However, Joao Cancelo’s defensive ability is somewhat less outstanding than that of many other players.


Hope you have an answer to the question of what the RB position is and some useful information in the sports world. The Premier League is reaching its final rounds, so the heat of football is becoming more attractive than ever. Please cheer for the team you love with all your heart!

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